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What do you do with $ 5.22 per day?

Imagine that you have $ 5.22 per day which you could use as you like. What would you do with it? What can you do with it?

Maybe you would spend the money on a half pizza. Three quarters of hamburger with chips would also be feasible. Or at cinema you might get a big Coke.

With $ 5.22 you can pay almost a parking ticket for an event. If you save two days, then a pack of cigarettes or some beer would be available.

What else can you get for $ 5.22?

A few sweets, a few parts in a one-dollar-shop, a latte Macchiato, a little ice cream with topping, toothpaste …

Somehow you really do not get much for $ 5.22.

Now imagine that you could get something of real value for $ 5.22, something that improves and maintains your well-being, your health and your performance.

What do you think? Would that be a smart investment? Would that be better than half a pizza or a big Coke?

Imagine that with these $ 5.22 per day you

• cope with stress better

• support your heart health

• improve the mobility of your joints

• support all self-healing processes in your body

• strengthen your immune system

• improve your digestion

• keep your energy level high

• strengthen all cognitive function

• support your mental health

• improve your cell metabolism

• support your cardiovascular health

• maintain healthy cholesterol levels

• reduce inflammation

• strengthen the cell membranes

• regulate blood sugar levels

• support a healthier skin and hair

• improve your sexual health

• optimize your nutrient uptake

• improve your blood circulation

• increase your performance

• etc.

All this for $ 5.22 per day. That would be worth considering it, right? That would be also worth to renounce one or another Coke, chips or latte Macchiato, right?

Imagine you would be willing to invest $ 5.22 per day in your health. What do you think, what would be the consequences?

Probably you would start feeling better with each passing day. Probably all sorts of health problems would decrease gradually, perhaps even disappear completely. And probably you would be happy about a greater well-being, more joy of life, more vitality, more health and more energy. You would maintain your health and vitality even by aging. Also, you would be better protected against all kinds of diseases and later against age complaints. You could feel really great and that for half a pizza, – for $ 5.22 per day.

How would that feel for you? To be healthy, vital and really fit? When was the last time you felt this way? As a child?

And now imagine that there are only natural nutrients from the best fruits, vegetables and oils that give your body all that it needs for its vitality.

Did you know that your body is your own doctor and heals itself when it gets the necessary nutrients? You can support your body – by a healthy lifestyle and a targeted supply of vital substances on a scientific and medically researched basis for $ 5.22 per day.

And now imagine if you had even $ 10.44 per day. You could also invest in the health of your partner or another loved one to help better his quality of life and well-being. Would that not be great?

And if you are a person who has visited many doctors, naturopaths, etc. and could not get any help, then you should try with a change of diet and a treatment with vital substances. For $ 5.22 per day and natural vital substances you take no risks at all. It can only cause changes for your benefit. Think about it.

I will be glad to support you and answer your questions about the treatment with vital substances on an orthomolecular-medical basis. We support you worldwide! Please send me an email.

Sincerely yours,

Falco Wisskirchen

PS: As a general rule: In the case of mental diseases or health problems please consult your doctor or medical practitioner. Vital substances are proven to support health but they do not replace diagnosis and treatment by a physician.

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